Moldovan Emil

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1978, April 08, Reghin, Mureş district, Romania



2004-2007 Doctorate within the I. O. S. U. D. department of the Fine Arts Faculty – University of the West, Timişoara; doctoral thesis entitled ‘Plastic Metaphor and Symbol at the Origin of Romanian Art’, coordinated by professor dr. Constantin Ionescu Prut

2002-2004 Postgraduate studies – Master in prehistoric and protohistoric archaeology at the ‘1 Decembrie 1918’ University of Alba Iulia

1998-2002 Faculty of Philology-History, ‘1 Decembrie 1918’ University of Alba Iulia, History – Archaeology section, majoring Archaeology

1993-1997 ‘Nicolae Tonitza’ Fine Arts High School - Bucharest



2007-present, Junior Teaching Assistant at the Fine Arts Faculty – University of the West, Timişoara

2005-present, Assistant Researcher in the CNCSIS grant The Project, directed by prof. dr. Alexandra Ionescu Titu, within the Centre for Creation in Fine Arts of the Fine Arts Faculty – University of the West, Timişoara



 Ardeu - Cetăţeaua, August 2002

Alba Iulia - Munteniei Street, October 2001

Sibişeni - above the village, August- September 2000

Şeusa – at the mill pathway, iulie 2000



Erasmus Student between May-July 2001 at „Ruhr Universität” in Bochum (Germany), coordinated by Svend Hansen



A possible interpretation of a play’s setting from an epipaleolithical anthropomorphic figurine (poster) May 2005, at the Timişoara Academic Days, Fine Arts Faculty – University of the West, Timişoara

The Jewish cemetery from Reghin. Prolegomena of the history of a less known community, within the ethnography colloquy Cultural-Ethnic Interferences, Reghin, June 7, 2003

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Bogomilism and its manifestations within the Romanian territory, Timişoara, May 19-21, 2000



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